Latin America Coalitions

In April, Alexander Flores, the Coordinator for South America of ENLACE TV, interviewed Dr. Peter Wagner and Dr. Fernando Guillen. Enlace TV covers more than 70 nations, making it the largest Christian broadcast in Latin America -! One of the owners of Enlace TV is Apostle Roberto Sarria, the new Convenor for the Nicaraguan Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (NCAL). Apostle Fernando Guillen is ICAL’s Continental Facilitator for Latin America. 

To prepare the way for the launch of the Chilean Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, Dr. Fernando Guillen participated on a simultaneous TV and Radio talk show with the most influential apostolic leaders in Santiago, Chile. Some of these leaders also discussed forming a coalition with Apostle Kelly at meetings Dr. Guillen arranged with the Peruvian apostles last year. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Chile also honored Dr. Peter Wagner for his participation on the Societal Reformation Conference in that city and the impact of his teachings there.

Apostles Fernando Guillen and Robert Henderson (an ICAL International Ambassador) participated in School of the Prophets in Brasilia, Brasil with some of the key leaders in that region and more than 3000 people. These are just a few of the exciting events and important meetings that ICAL leaders have to advance the Kingdom of God in Latin America. Please pray for these leaders and God’s favor for everyone involved with the apostolic movement.