The Journey and Reflections of an Ambassador - By Miguel Angel Perez

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”

2 Corinthians 5:20

Being an ambassador should not be foreign to those of us that have the privilege of serving God and His Kingdom. The apostle Paul understood his role as an ambassador of Christ and the importance of his role in the expansion of the Kingdom. Representing the one who has sent us is not a task that should be taken lightly. Ambassadors speak with one voice the position of the one they represent. They become liaisons and advisors, providing guidance and frank counsel. They direct and coordinate the work and the people executing the mission. Ambassadors work to advance the goals set up by the nation, kingdom, or person that appointed them to the position. They communicate the mission elements and are responsible for it. They steward the resources provided for the mission and utilize those resources to advance the agenda and goals of the ones they represent. Ultimately, they are expected to serve with professional excellence, the highest standards of ethical conduct and discretion. 

As an ambassador of ICAL for Latin America I take very seriously my role and responsibilities. I understand that I am representing ICAL and its International Convener, Apostle John P. Kelly. When I visit nations, coalitions and apostolic leaders in my official capacity as an ambassador, I speak and function not in my personal capacity, but as one with ICAL and its leadership. My position, opinion, counsel and agenda are the same as the person and organization I represent. My task as an ambassador is to advance ICAL’s agenda and mission, not my own.

I have to admit that in the midst of the challenges of my role, I have found a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment. I have had the privilege of serving ICAL and its national coalitions in nations like Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama. Some of this work I have done it directly with the apostolic leadership of the nations, in other instances, as a part of an apostolic ambassadorial team. This has been a great experience that has not only benefited and advanced the apostolic movement in those nations but has contributed to my own personal growth. I have witnessed the formation and birth of national coalitions, the commitment, passion and hard work of apostolic leaders in Latin America and the movement towards the fulfillment of ICAL’s 4R’s vision; Revival, Reconciliation, Restoration and Reformation. My passion is to see nations transformed and fulfilling their divine destiny. There is much work still to do, but the fruits we have been seeing are a good indication that the best is yet to come.

I am preparing and positioning myself to have a very active and productive year. There are some plans in place and in development to continue to do the work of the Kingdom and to expand the mission of ICAL in nations like Cuba, Dominican Republic, Chile and Argentina during 2015, while strengthening the work that has been already started in other nations. I consider that one of the main areas in which I could serve ICAL and its national coalitions is by my contribution to the strategic training, teaching, development and empowerment of Kingdom leaders in the area of marketplace ministry. There is a lot of misinformation in this area. In some cases, the current teaching is limited in scope and impact.  This creates a great need for a comprehensive approach to the role of the church as a catalyst for change and transformation in culture and society. It is my belief that this is one of the missing elements in the advancement of the Kingdom in the world, but more specifically in Latin America.

I believe that ICAL has a very important part to play in the advancement and expansion of the Kingdom of God worldwide. I sense the urgency and recognize the importance of the work we can contribute to the strengthening of the apostolic movement. I appreciate the trust placed in me by Apostle Kelly and ICAL’s leadership to represent them as an ambassador to Latin America and I feel honored to be serving God by serving ICAL in this capacity.