Canadian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders Congress Report - By David Carson

At the end of March, Apostolic Leaders from many parts of Canada gathered to the nation's Capital Region for a Congress - not a Conference! It was felt that 'Congress' described a more governmental emphasis that reflected the true purpose of CCAL, so where better to be than Ottawa with the Parliament Buildings a short distance away! Of special note is the Peace Tower, which has three scriptures in the stonework including Psalm 72:8 - “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea.”

 "Ap. Barry Boucher was our local host and welcomed 140 delegates to the city before introducing Ap. George Johnson, the Convening Apostle for the Canadian Coalition of Apostles. Ap George Johnson set the bar high with his opening address. He shared from Jeremiah 12:5: "If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses?" This was a strong call for the apostolic movement to rise to another level." 

Dr. Lance Wallnau was our plenary speaker and was engaging as he developed aspects of 7 M thinking (2.0). He described how God introduces a new thing through different stages including chaos! He exhorted us to get into position for the next phase that was coming. He was clear that it was not good enough for us to be based on fellowship for mutual edification. This must change to an intentional strategic, apostolic, alignment of interdependent parts to accomplish a Kingdom agenda. Anticipate – don’t discover! God may provoke us to the point of frustration and desperation until we want what God wants. Lance taught on the nature of Sheep and Goat nations and that Canada should be a Sheep nation that allows the freedom of the church to exist without hindrance and blesses Israel. In his final address, he held our attention with humour and brilliance as he outlined how a culture could be changed. Our challenge now is to make a strategic response.

We were honoured to have Ap. John Kelly, ICAL International Convenor, with us for the three days as he not only ministered to the Congress but gave much encouragement as he spent time with individuals and groups. He shared that 2 Cor. 10:3-4 was his life verse and he observed that life was a war! Our convictions will determine what we are prepared to live or die for.

On the second morning, we were joined by about 40 pastors from the Ottawa area for a complimentary session to welcome them to CCAL and to explore what we represented. We were grateful for the high level of cooperation from local leaders to make this possible. David Macfarlane (BGEA) gave an important analysis of what he saw trending in Canada as he travelled from coast to coast. This was followed by a panel of local leaders who gave ‘The View From The Capital’ concerning Ottawa and the Nation especially with a general election planned for October 2015. Ap. Alain Caron from Gatineau, Quebec, also shared on how his local church had been transformed in the last few years to an Apostolic Centre. The Apostolic movement was to invade, occupy and transform!

One aim of the Congress was to recognize Five Fold Ministries, Apostles in the Market Place and Apostles with Prophets. These topics were ably covered with Panel discussions and presenters.

To sum up: the whole Congress was a call to 'Think Bigger' for the transformation of our cities and nation. We truly had been strengthened to extend the Kingdom in Canada.

 David Carson, CCAL Executive Coordinator

Dr. George D. Johnson, CCAL Convening Apostolic Leader

Further Perspectives by Patrick Ondrey, ICAL member

On March 30-31, approximately 150 apostolic leaders from Canada gathered for the annual National Congress.  Leaders from churches, ministries, marketplace and government came together in the strategic city of Ottawa (the influential center of government for Canada).

Convener, Apostle George Johnson, brought a truly insightful and thought provoking word reminding all apostolic leaders that God gives us the supernatural ability to contend with the horses of our cities. In doing so we will build the foundations others will walk on.

The keynote speaker throughout the Congress, Lance Wallnau, delivered a brilliant series of presentations on “7M 2.0” (7 Mountains 2.0) and what the future holds for the 7 Mountain influencers. He elaborated on the strategic importance of understanding what it means to be a “sheep nation” versus a “goat nation.” He also clarified for all that the church isn’t the Kingdom, but it is the agent of God to release the Kingdom.

As we have come to expect, Apostle John Kelly – Convener of the ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders), taught everyone the importance of Apostolic Faith. To live in the faith that allows you to stand for what you believe in, what you will live for and what you will die for. He also spoke how critical it is that we must embrace change or we will miss the next move of God because it’s time to come into the fullness of what God has called us to do.

There was an exceptional Panel Discussion covering all aspects of the 5-fold ministry and how apostolic leadership influences and leads. David Macfarlane also spoke on the state of the church in Canada.