Barbados Annual Report - By Dr. Kluane Spake

What a joy to be appointed to the International Counsel for ICAL and to have the opportunity to travel to Barbados to hold a meeting for the apostles there! This connection to go there was absolutely remarkable!  Suddenly, one day last year, I received a phone call from a young man who grew up as a teenager in my local Church in Guam. After all these many years of no contact, Elector Pearson excitedly called me to say that he found me on the internet and couldn’t wait to call!

He told me that after he moved back to the states he went to ORU and then he married an incredible young lady named Dr. Dawn Marie from Barbados. Together, they returned to Barbados and started Hope Church -- and it is booming! 

“I want you to come to Barbados and speak to our church on Father’s Day! Because…  I’m getting ordained as an apostle that evening, and I need you (because you were my pastor) to be there as part of the ceremony!”  After that is when I asked him if he wanted to do a meeting for the apostles in the area, while I was there! Our first event was extremely well attended and everyone seemed to want to know more.

© 2015 Kluane Spake is a member of ICAL and an Ambassador to Barbados and the Solomon Islands