Nicaragua Report - by Fernando Guillen

In February, Apostle John Kelly and I had several notable meetings with apostolic, church and governmental leaders in Managua, Nicaragua.

On Friday, we met with many of the most influential apostolic leaders in Nicaragua at Guillermo Osorno’s beautiful villa. We discussed the benefits and formation of a coalition for the nation. Everyone present agreed with excitement to begin the Nicaraguan Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (NCAL). Roberto Sarria is the new Convenor. Apostle Sarria and his uncle, Guillermo Osorno, are the owners of Enlace TV, a very influential broadcasting station that reaches the nations,  

We had another memorable meeting at Guillermo's house with the President of the Assemblies of God who he overseers more than 500 churches; the President of the Church of God who overseers more than 300 churches; and many other apostles who have the largest churches in the country such as Frank Solórzano and Omar Duarte and other influential leaders.

We had a wonderful lunch meeting with some governmental leaders such as President Daniel Ortega’s direct assistant, the depute Guillermo Osorno, a woman who is in charge of the education and the treasury for the Police.

On Saturday, a meeting was arranged for only for senior leaders, we anticipated 700 in attendance, but 1500 leaders came to Church Vision Ahora presided by Pastor Nabel Rodrigues. We had a tremendous time!

It's an invaluable privilege to be with Apostle Kelly and an honor to connect and align the nations with the ICAL fulfilling my role of Continental Facilitator for Latin America.

Kingdom blessings

Fernando Guillen