Insights for Apostolic Leaders - My Top Four Leadership Insights - by John P. Kelly

Leadership is all about people. All great Leader Achievers need to possess many qualities in their inner arsenal to be successful. Here is the TOP 4 in my arsenal that I try to use every day:  

1. Love for people. Leaders must first love the people they are called to lead or relate to in any way. Love reveals the heart. The ability to respect people comes from the love of people. As Christ loves the Church, we are commanded to love each other. I’ve meet many leaders who do not appear to love people and often it’s because of unhealed hurt. Everyone in life needs healthy love. When a team knows they are loved, they will sacrifice to help leaders achieve their dreams, visions, goals and mission. As 1 Cor. 13:13 says: Love is the most important thing!

2. Faith in God is essential for the vision, dream, mission or any intended purpose to be achieved. Leaders always need the confident assurance that what they hope for is going to happen, even if they can’t see it or it’s a long time coming. If it’s a God vision, dream or mission, God will cause it to happen. Leaders must inspire their team and family with faith. Faith strengthens. “Without faith it’s impossible to please God” (Heb.11:6). With faith, what seems impossible is possible!

3. Dreams: Leaders are dreamers who interpret the dream, strategize the dream and draw others together to help fulfill the dream. Dreamers accomplish great things (Joseph, Daniel, Peter, Paul). Ask for God dreams that reveal all stages from beginning to end. Ask for and look for a team who believes in your dreams.

4. Passion: a force of empowered endurance. God-given passion is essential for leaders to overcome obstacles and promote the fulfillment of the dream. Passion fuels excitement, diminishes fears and leads with a strong expectation that the mission will be successful. Christ’s passion for us is why we are here. Never lose the passion.

LeaderAchievers are passionate dreamers whose faith is grounded in the love of Christ and people. Look for people with these four elements to encourage and strengthen you each day.