Canadian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders Report

This past year has been a time of momentum for the CCAL!

Our National Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba (April 14-16, 2014) was well attended by Apostolic Leaders from across the nation. The theme for the Conference was “Advancing Strategic Alignments in Churches, Cities and Nations. Bishop Tony Millar from Oklahoma City was the Plenary Speaker. Several Apostles from Canada’s major Cities followed through, speaking on such themes as, “Apostolic Leaders – Apostles & Prophets”,

”Advancing Strategic Alignments in our Cities and Nation” and Apostles and the Nations”.

Throughout the year, CCAL Apostles in our various Provinces also gathered regionally, to interact, strategize and pray together.

Also, various members of the National Council interfaced with Dennis Peacocke and the Statesman Project, held in Dallas, Texas. These same Apostles strategized together with Dennis in Santa Rosa, California, for a two-day session in April, 2014. This was all in an effort to work on a National Vision and Strategy for Canada.

This coming year our CCAL National Conference is scheduled for March 30, 31, April 1, 2015 in Ottawa, our nations Capital. It promises to be a Summit of unprecedented proportions! Apostles are gathering with a renewed apostolic vision for Canada.