Foundations for Transforming Nations by Dennis Peacocke

Dennis Peacocke speaking at 2015 ICAL Congress 

Dennis Peacocke speaking at 2015 ICAL Congress 

THE BIG PICTURE Transforming Nations on the Foundations of Freedom, Sustainable Prosperity, and Justice by Dennis Peacocke

”Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12 

Freedom, sustainable prosperity and justice are the legitimate goals of all nations and people groups. Elusive as these goals may be, the only pathway to them is clear long-term strategic thinking undergirded by a genuine ethic of “loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.” The Statesmen Project (Led by Dennis Peacocke) is a movement committed to finding those who believe these simple truths and seek to address and redress their absence in a modern world.  

We believe that in spite of many of Western Civilization’s faults and injustices the reason it advanced and prospered unlike any other civilization in history is because it attempted to apply Judeo-Christian principles and values to its societies. While Greece and Rome added to its content, adherence to the ancient Jewish and Christian scriptures, and a faith in Jesus Christ’s reality and teachings, drove Western Civilization’s historic emergence. To deny this would be manifest historical revisionism. 

Social, political and economic systems rest on their transcendent values and their practical application. We further recognize that Western Civilization today, both within itself and within the many cultures it has greatly influenced economically and politically, is seriously suffering as a result of either having misapplied these principles and values, omitted their application, or deliberately abandoned them. The West appears to be suffering a major loss of identity, and is living in and exporting to the world the complications of its own identity crisis. 

The men and women who are the founders and mentors of The Statesmen Project, both commonly and individually, believe that the only real solution to the crises now challenging sustainable economic growth is to infuse those proven successful Judeo-Christian principles and values into our nations, states, and cities. Only then can we realistically expect sustainable freedom, justice and peace. The answer to most of our challenges is to identify the transcendent values and principles that can “re-set” and restart us together once again. We believe that these two fundamental truths are critical to our common welfare:  1) The only answer to the social concerns of racism, classism and solvable poverty is to treat all humans as valued because they have a common Creator. 2) No political theorist has better or more effectively stated the foundations of a just and prosperous society than Jesus when He commanded us to personally give ourselves over to the God of all truth, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  These are supreme principles for relationships, and they are also serve as the ultimate foundations upon which to base the laws, policies, and culture of a nation.  Read more… 

The Statesmen Project is an international movement of concerned citizens responding to the growing economic and social crises with practical Biblical principles and models that solve specific community and national problems.