Powerful Convergence!

The recent ICAL International Congress was a huge success according to everyone who attended! Sixty nations were represented by Convenors and Ambassadors and leaders who are making a significant impact in all areas of international society.

Profound teachings and testimonies by leaders of some of the largest churches and ministries in the world deeply moved the delegates. Testimonies by ICAL leaders in Africa such as Paul Gitwaza, Jackson Senyonga, Judah Vah and others brought many to tears followed by great joy when they described how victory was won through the power of forgiveness, reconciliation and the Word of God.  Dozens of other leaders spoke on apostolic prophetic priorities, principles and transformative keys to advance the Kingdom of God in every nation.  

Some members from the newly formed Futures Alliance, Adrienne Bankert, David Engelhardt and Steve Fedyski spoke on the transforming power of media and the importance of constitutional laws.  

Special presentations for the new Alliances were made Tuesday evening, recognition of Convenors and Ambassadors on Wednesday evening and a very special session with Apostolic Pioneers, Bill Hamon, Charles Simpson, Charles Green and led by John Kelly kept everyone on the edge of their seats listening to the wisdom of over 250 years of combined apostolic ministry being shared. 

 Roland Worton (ICAL member) formed and led an international worship team and brought the powerful spirit of God into the house. Award-winning songstress Anita Etta from Camaroon and her team sang and danced during the evening sessions.

Special lunches, breakouts, networking, special booths and many other special events filled outthis world-changing gathering. Notes from the speakers is available to all who attended (password protected). DVD's and online viewing will be available very soon at JFlion.com - who recorded the event. Many new strategic alliances will be announced shortly. ICAL has strengthened and deepened and expanded commitments within it's membership and is attracting many new members.

The heart of God and the love of Jesus Christ is foremost in this great coalition!