CLST - Christian Life School of Theology Global and the Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN) is the premier global provider of Christian higher education programs and resources.  CLST Global is a duly authorized 501(c)(3) organization offering degrees ranging from the Associate of Theology (A.Th.) degree through the Doctorate of Theology (D.Th.) degree.  CLST Global has served thousands of churches, tens of thousands of students and major ministry networks world-wide for over 30 years.

Our Mission (purpose) is to provide the best Bible, theology, ministry and leadership training resources in the world.  This accomplished by providing quality, flexible and affordable Christian higher education to students and schools globally.  In addition, many CLST Global courses are eligible for credit transfer into fully accredited universities and colleges.  The CLST Global motto is: Uncommon education serving uncommon leaders!

The apostolic nature of the CLST Global faculty, courses and technology results in a perfect fit for the members of the ICAL network.  In addition, the CLST Global faculty is comprised of many of the most anointed, seasoned and recognized leaders in the world.  This complete array of resources and services enables us to meet the unique needs of ICAL members by offering fully customized and cutting edge education solutions demanded by today’s leaders.  The result?  Now, ANY ICAL member can partner with the Christian Life Educators Network and start educating, discipling and equipping world-changing leaders under their unique ministry or network brand!

 For more information contact: Dr. Randal S. Langley, President/CEO at  /