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Apostle Herb Hutchinson is an Ambassador to Native Americans.

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Dr. Hutchins serves as the President of the Navajo Resource Conservation and Development Council  with a mission to identify, address and solve challenges to sustain and improve the quality of life on the Navajo Reservation. As former Vice President of the Fellowship of Churches in the greater Atlantic City, New Jersey area, Dr. Hutchinson is qualified to work as a reconstructionist, bridging the gap within the various cultural communities.

He is the visionary and CEO of Summit Training Post ,  Summit School of Ministry and Performing Arts, and World Wide Window Media Group, which is a training center on the Navajo Reservation in St. Michaels, Arizona.

The vision of the training center is to empower people for purpose to become 21st Century leaders in a multi-faceted dimension through vocational training and spiritual awakening. He is also the presiding Bishop of SAL Ministries International, a network for churches and ministries, designed to transfer and communicate Gods plan of restoration.




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