Latin America

Apostle Fernando guillen

Apostle Fernando guillen

Apostle Fernando Guillen is the ICAL Latin American Convenor



Facebook: Apóstolo Fernando

As the ICAL Convenor for Latin America, Apostle Fernando’s main assignment is to connect, align and convene the Latin American Apostolic leaders among the nations. As a horizontal apostle, his main focus is to build relationship with the Apostolic Leaders connecting with them in a peer level, helping them to fulfill their calling and equipping them to bring Transformation into their nations.  

 Fernando Guillen is the Apostolic Leader of GLOBAL AC7ION Integrated Center in Belo Horizonte/Brasil. GAIC is a hub that converges many kind of activities with the ultimate goal of equipping people in Society and the Local Church, but it’s main focus is in the Business Sphere providing a diversity of COACHING programs. He is the Chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute for Latin America, the Mobilizer Apostle for Global Spheres in Latin America under Chuck Pierce and Peter Wagner and also helps coordinate the HAPN Network in Latin America under John Benefiel.

Apostle Guillen is a System Engineer, Master in Finances, an expert in Digital Marketing and Doctor in Practical Ministry. He is the author of two books, including Jezabel: The woman of the Ring! and The Warfare in the 7 mountains.  

September Conference in Belo Horizante Brasil!


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