The International Coalition of Prophets (ICOP) led by Apostle Russ Moyer is an alliance of 5-Fold Ministers operating in the office of Prophet from Eph. 4:11-12 that has chosen to walk in covenant relationship with one another and in alignment with the Apostolic Movement. 

 We are a company of Prophets, Prophetic Intercessors and Emerging Prophets. Our focus will include proper biblical education, training, practical experience, with a generational focus on legacy. As well as being a prophetic voice to this generation, we consider it essential to equip and empower the next generation with a vision for the future and to work together for the establishment of legacy.

 Being in alignment with John Kelly and the ICAL we have adopted their 4 R vision: Restoration of the Church, Reconciliation, Revival, Reformation.


Contact for events and Membership:

Russ and Mave Moyer

Russ and Mave Moyer