Just Fellowship / JFLion - Broadcasting

JUST FELLOWSHIP™ and JFLION is a social media - broadcasting network that serves ICAL Coalitions by promoting the fellowship of people of all ages and of all backgrounds who share Christian values by empowering them with the tools to connect and to communicate with fellow Christians anywhere on God’s Earth through the window now widely accessible thanks to the growth of the world-wide-web.

These tools include helping leaders to launch online ministry TV Channels where video and audio training can easily be available 24/7 throughout the world.  

JFLion provides ICAL TV for the Discipling of Nations with Apostolic Training from the ICAL Conferences and various ICAL members. 

The JUST FELLOWSHIP™ platform has been crafted to Build up “financial health, promote unity, kingdom Outreach, Worldwide Resources Access” of Churches/Congregations/Ministries. A unique platform for communication, entertainment, education to strengthen Ministries Worldwide. Through Social Media & Broadcast Network with an entertaining atmosphere in a safe environment.

The message contained within the Just Fellowship™ Networking Ministry embraces that “God is passionate about a relationship with each person” and that belief we all can share what’s bounty by uniting Churches/Congregations/Ministries into one social media and broadcast network; providing to the kingdom a platform for worldwide communication.

For more information: www.justfellowship.com

         Or contact Jean O'Connor, CEO   Email: contact@justfellowship.com