Advancing Apostolic Administrators

One of the most important people you need on your team is an Apostolic Administrator! 


A Missing Piece

Many ministries are greatly hindered by the absence of effective Apostolic administration.  Often, important communication is seriously lacking between leaders and administrators and decisions cannot be carried out. This causes conflict, confusion, and chaos. 

Many of the problems stem from the lack of training and understanding about what it really means to be an Apostolic Administrator, both for the leader and the administrator. 

God gifted many people as apostolic administrators such as Daniel, Joseph, and Nehemiah. In Acts 6, the Apostle Paul explained the critical importance of this function so that the apostles could focus on what God called them to do. And it is not all about waiting on tables!

Definition: An Apostolic Administrator is a mature servant-leader Christian with strategic organizational development and creative administrative skills who is called and anointed by God to serve apostolic leaders. © Lynn Kishaba

Apostolic Administrator Session

This year, John P. Kelly and ICAL’s Apostolic Administrator, Lynn Kishaba, are teaching on this vital function. Lynn has served ICAL since its formation 18 years ago and worked with John Kelly for over 40 years.  Lynn has in-depth understanding and experience for what it takes to be an Apostolic Administrator and build apostolic ministries. John Kelly will explain how apostolic leaders and administrators can work together to be highly effective.

You will learn:

  • Why every leader needs an Apostolic Administrator

  • What makes them significantly different

  • How to effectively identify them

  • What they can do to advance your ministry

  • How to find one!

  • Keys for working together and much more.

Then join us for a special time to pray and anoint those administrators whom God has called to this special position.

Lynn's training has transformed offices to function far more effectively! 

 You do NOT want to miss this opportunity to take your ministry to the
next level of excellence!