Belize Coalition

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Belize Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Randy Rye, Convenor


The Belize Coalition formed in 2018 with Randy Rye as the Convenor to strengthen apostolic work in the nation. Members have a wide scope of experience in the various spheres of Belize society including: Government, social programs and community activities, pastoring, superintendent of Christian networks, financial specialists, and business owners.

Randy Rye and his wife have been ministering in Belize for approximately eleven years.  Seven years ago, they planted Life Church Belize in Belize City. Since then, they have been working with many of Belize’s pastors and churches and the former Mayor of Belize City.

During this time, prophetic words were spoken over Belize that it would a gathering place for the America’s to come together to equip leaders and strategically implement the Lord’s plan for the America’s (North, Central & South America).  By forming the Belize Coalition, they can gather a number of diversified leaders from all seven mountains of society with the same goal or heart for the Nation. 

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