Ordination, Commissioning, Covering, and Accountability

It must be understood that ICAL membership does not confer ordination or commissioning on a given apostle. ICAL does not “make” an individual an apostle. Only those who have previously been recognized as having the gift and office of apostle are accepted as members, and this recognition comes through and is maintained by the particular ecclesiastical network or apostolic ministry conferring the ordination or commissioning.

Because ICAL is a horizontal apostolic network, as over against a vertical network, ICAL does not provide “apostolic covering” or ‘spiritual covering” for its members. Although ICAL is not a primary accountability structure, membership in ICAL does imply a secondary apostolic accountability. Every ICAL member is accountable, in the broad sense of the word, to all other members. When reproach comes upon one, potentially that reproach can come upon all.