‘MasterBuilders’ is the theme for the 2019 Annual Congress!

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2018 Congress

2018 Congress

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Topics Include:

MasterBuilding Strong Foundations for Apostolic Local Churches and Networks

MasterBuilder Strategies for Marketplace and Church, Outreaches

MasterBuilders for the Government of God

MasterBuilder Apostles & Prophets

Spiritual Warfare for MasterBuilders,

…and much more!

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Dates: October 28 - November 1, 2019

Place: Dallas, Texas - Hyatt Regency DFW Airport Conference Center

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Speakers will share how God led them through the processes to overcome obstacles, develop, and expand ministries, businesses, media, impact government, and other vital spheres of society.

For three days, great wisdom, knowledge, and understanding will come forth from dozens of powerfully anointed apostolic leaders (see below).

Plus: testimonies of changing cities, prophetic proclamations, prayer, worship, fellowship with like-mind leaders, and much more!

Translation for Spanish and Portuguese

Current Speakers include:

  • Africa: Wally Adefarasin, Yemi Adefarasin

  • Australia: John McElroy, David Balestri

  • Australia/ Pacific Islands: David Vaca

  • Brazil: Rene Terra Nova, Fernando Guillen

  • Canada: Gary Carter, Mel Mullen, Russ Moyer, Michael Bolton

  • Columbia: Francisco Loor, Pedro Khipo

  • France: Jean-Marc Potenti

  • Israel: Daniel Juster

  • Latvia: Alexey Ledyaev

  • Mexico: Carlos Gordillo

  • Nicaragua: Roger Leyton

  • Peru: Pedro Hornung

  • Scotland: Catherine Brown

  • USA (with International outreaches): John Kelly, Mark Pfeifer, Joseph Mattera, Barbara Wentroble, Lance Wallnau, John Tetsola, Mark Beliles, John Polis, Les Bowling, Dana Gammill, Harry Jackson, Terry Law, Franklin Santigate, David Carey, Kimberly Thomas, Dennis Peacocke, Randy Brown, Buddy Crum…

    Subject to changes…

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