The 2017 Annual Congress in Dallas was a huge success!  Hundreds of leaders from around the world gathered to share what is happening in their nations and hear what God is doing across the globe!

Everyone who attended says this was the  “Best Congress ever!”

Testimonies included: “Seriously Awesome in His presence!”  “Great revelation and Inspiration!“ “Excellent choice of topics."

“Absolutly terrific! Great speakers, great format!”  “Timely!”  “Unique because it is for this season.”  “Life Changing!”

“Cutting edge leadership for reformation.”   “Profound teachings, anointing, and incredible divine connections.” R. G., USA/Caribbean

[ICAL is the] “only ministry organization in the world that is doing what you are doing! Awesome!” N. C. -  Philippines

Apostle Ron Cottle says: "God spoke to us in so many ways. I believe we broke through to another dimension in the New Apostolic Reformation. There was a great and powerful sense that the Lord was taking us from just sharpening our individual 5-fold anointings and even building our sense of family unity to also making us an ARMY of brothers and sisters to engage in spiritual war for the nations, the various people groups around the world. The quality of the speaking, the presence of the Holy Spirit in every session, and the spirit of cooperation and the koinonia among the leaders present were all remarkable."

Special sessions were held for marketplace leaders, political formation education, national coalitions, language groups, and much more. Everyone took advantage of the many opportunities to engage one-on-one and small groups during meals and breaks. Our translators were very busy helping leaders connect and feel a part of the ICAL Family.

Speakers included: Joseph Adefarasin (Nigeria), Michael Bolton, Les Bowling, Gary Carter (Canada),   Ron Cottle, Buddy Crum, Mel Davis,  Dana Gammill,  Mark Gorman (USA), Carlos Gordillo (Mexico), Tim Hamon, Bill Hamon, Jonathan Hansen,  John P. Kelly, Don Lyons, Joseph Mattera (USA), John McElroy (Australia), Russ Moyer (Canada), Obii Pax Harry (Nigeria), Dennis Peacocke, Miguel Perez, Mark Pfeifer (USA), Jackson Senyonga (Uganda), Rene Terra Nova (Brazil),  Jean-Marc Pontenti (France), Charles Simpson, Hubie Synn, John Tetsola, Lance Wallnau, and Barbara Wentroble (USA)

A special panel led by John P. Kelly, honored Patriarchs of the Faith: Charles Simpson, Don Lyon, John P. Kelly, Bill Hamon, and Mel Davis. After the session they served Communion and prayed for everyone at the Congress.

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Obi Pax-Harry and Joseph Adefarsin and guest from Africa enjoyed fellowship and meetings for special interests. 

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