USCAL Bridge Summit Report by Nathan Culver

USCAL (United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders)

The USCAL Bridge Summit was a great success! Over 200 leaders attended the powerful conference on June 14-15 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Bridge Summit is a conference sponsored by USCAL in order to connect seasoned leaders with emerging leaders. It is designed for the generations to come together and have meaningful dialogue on major issues that we must address as leaders in the Kingdom of God. This gathering is also an opportunity for seasoned leaders to share wisdom and impart truth as it relates to the apostolic roots of the Church helping to perpetuate the Apostolic Movement into the next few generations.

Bishop Dale Bronner, the Associate Convener of USCAL hosted the summit in his church, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility is amazing as were the staff who served with a spirit of excellence.  Bishop Bronner is an incredible visionary and we are all inspired by what we experienced on the grounds of this great ministry.

We started the conference on Tuesday morning with an incredible time of worship with two “Future Alliance” members, Nikki Mathis and Matt Cross. During the opening session, Joseph Mattera taught "Multi-Generational Leadership" which involves the need to disciple and develop our families in the things of God. We also heard other great speakers share ways to address or confront the challenges that the church faces today. Later that afternoon we heard from some very influential and successful marketplace leaders such as Steve Fedyski and Franklin Santagate of Pureflix who focused on the important use of social media to transform culture. Andre Walker (Futures Alliance member) shared: "Creative Entrepreneurship" and David Nolan, a successful entrepreneur who built multi-million dollar businesses, shared his story: "Quit to Win!" The stories, wisdom, and strategies shared from these amazing business leaders helped to encourage, enlighten, and influence the millennial leaders in their marketplace calling.

We concluded the conference on Wednesday afternoon with a life changing experience in the presence of God during sessions led by Kristina Hosch, Joseph Mattera, Jim Garlow, Dale Bronner, Doug Stringer, and Bart Pierce. We ended this incredible conference with an extremely intense time of prayer, repentance, intercession and worship as well as prophetic declarations. In addition, the National Council took the time to pray for and commission the millennial leaders to go forward and do the work of Jesus in the earth.

Those who attended this conference have all stated that this conference was one of the most diverse conference they have ever attended. There were church leaders and marketplace leaders. There were seasoned and emerging millennial leaders. The diversity was evident even in ethnicity and we had a great combination of the Word and Spirit.

Here are some of the testimonials of the Futures Alliance members and Millennial leaders who attended:

What an IMPACTFUL event. So much wisdom and practical principles. Glad I was able to be apart.

Jennifer Watterman, Futures Alliance

I just wanted to say thanks again to USCAL and it's leaders for the Bridge Summit this week. It was for me absolutely one of the most impactful conferences I've ever been too. It was great to meet many of the other futures and I look forward to seeing you all again. Also, I really want to thank all of the older leaders for being so approachable. Never once did I walk up to a single leader and not feel totally welcomed to approach them. You all were so humble and warm. Thank up so much for pouring out of your time, giftings, and anointing. God Bless you all!!!

Ned Maraman, Futures Alliance

Great group of people! There is such power in working together that could be achieved no other way. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this event possible. A special thanks to all the senior leadership for having the heart and desire to invest in the younger generation. We honor your strength, faithfulness and perseverance to lay a firm foundation for us to build on. I am looking forward to praying together with all of you!

Joe Bucciero, Futures Alliance

This was a life changing experience for me as I received so much wisdom to help me fulfill my calling and purpose in Christ. The impartation from the seasoned leaders along with the diversity of my peers was something that I have never witnessed before. I am thankful to God for this conference and look forward to next year.

2016 Nathan Culver, Futures Alliance (USCAL)