On April 4 - 7, over 900 pastors and leaders attended the Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders Conference led by CNAL Convenor Apostle Joseph Adefarasin. The intention of the conference was to impart and teach attendees how to live a fulfilled Kingdom life.

On the first day, we had the privilege of having Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Blaine Cook and their team of Global Awakening team minister. All three of them spoke on their passion for Christians becoming change agents of the Kingdom of God on earth through the power of the Holy Spirit. All Christians are mandated to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God the same way Jesus and His apostles demonstrated it; through the demonstration of the power of God manifesting in healings, deliverances, miracles etc. The last session was led by Randy Clark and it was basically for the impartation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to those in attendance. It was a glorious session with a host of people imparted with various gifts of the spirit and these were accompanied by the power of God falling on some.

Apostle Robert Henderson ministered on the second day in two sessions. Session one was how we can approach God as Father, Friend and especially as Judge. We approach Him as Father to meet our needs, as Friend on behalf of others and as Judge when we need His judgment against the adversary, the devil. When we first secure victory against the adversary in the courts of heaven, we will always win on the battlefield of the earth. Second session was how the church must be led, not from a pastoral mindset as we’ve been for centuries now, but from an apostolic mindset. Only this change can allow the church to impact and affect the world. Where all of us no matter how calling and gifts, minister from an apostolic mindset.

Apostle Joseph Adefarasin also ministered on the second day on the need for the church to ensure that the rule & character of the Kingdom of God is implemented in the mountain of influence in the nations of the earth where each believer finds himself/herself. This is done by influence and not by imposition. The Kingdom of God must be the priority for each believer.

All in all, the conference was a success and many of those in attendance were mightily blessed and imparted to bring change to their locality and to the nation.