Nigerian Coalition News

CAL held two conferences hosted by the NCAL Convenor, Apostle Adesafarin this year.

Kingdom Dynamics, held at Guiding Light Assembly in Lagos with guest speaker Apostle Robert Henderson. About 80 pastors and apostolic leaders attended to hear how the Ecclesia, can enforce the Kingdom of God in Nigeria and many other principles to encourage the leaders. From left: Pastor Paul Toun, Ap. Joseph Adefarasin, Rev. Ayorinde Oduntan, and Apostle Robert Henderson. Apostle Yemi Adefarasin and Bishop Abraham Olaleye. 

And the Nigeria Coalition of Apostolic Leaders Conference where over 800 pastors and apostolic leaders attended. Guest speaker, Apostle John Tetsola ministered on "The Essentials, The Abuses and The Blessings of The Contemporary Apostolic Movement," "How to Build an Apostolic Center that Affects Regions" and "How to Transition your Church into the Apostolic Reformation.” 


Apostle Tetsola is the President of Ecclesia Word Ministries International and Senior Minister of Dream Life Church International in New York and member of the USCAL. The focus of these two meetings is to change the paradigm of the Nigerian church to begin to focus on the Kingdom of God rather than just building churches and increasing the number of members.