PERU Coalition Report by Mike Bolton

On December 3, I accompanied Apostle John P. Kelly to Lima, Peru at the invitation of Apostle Pedro Hornung, Convenor for the Peruvian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (CLAPE).

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The next morning during a breakfast meeting with 40 CLAPE leaders, Ap. Hornung welcomed and exhorted everyone and introduced Ap. Kelly and others including Apostles Rene Terra Nova (Brazil Coalition Convenor) and Fernando Guillen. Apostle Guillen is the Latin American Facilitator for ICAL, who speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. He is a fantastic connector in Latin America and shares the heart of Ap. Kelly.    

The leaders were very excited to have Ap. Kelly come as he said – “to wash their feet.”  He gave many important principles to develop a thriving movement and not compromise God’s word on the issues.

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Ap. Kelly explained the need for fathers to train and release sons to carry on the work and not let the movement die with the father. He said, “Many times those who give the message don’t know the meaning of the message because they don’t know the man who gave the message” or they give their interpretation of the message. There’s a difference between sending a messenger and sending a Son or a Daughter because when you send a Son or a Daughter they not only know the father’s heart, they know the father’s mind. They know what to say and how to say it. Never send just a messenger - send a son. We should raise up sons who will do greater works… and prepare sons and daughters for Generational Inheritance.”

Ap. Kelly continued serving wise nuggets such as “the title doesn’t matter, it’s your fruit that counts – are you doing the work?”  Sharing stories from his life and powerful revelation, Ap. Kelly inspired everyone about their role to be a voice, develop leaders to disciple the nation and how they are an integral part of the entire International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

That night, Ap. Kelly spoke a powerful message on Moses and Jethro at the Ordination Service for approximately 37 pastors at Aqua Viva church with about 15,000 attending in the coliseum where they meet.

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On December 5, Ap. Kelly met with Apostle Hornung and his wife Mirta and his son Senior Pastor Sergio and his wife Karla about transition. What impressed me, also impressed them, as though Ap. Kelly had been listening to their conversations. He gave them council that this was the time for transition as leaders of the church.  It was exactly what the Lord had been speaking to them! Ap. Kelly explained with great wisdom and care how this should happen so that both of them could fulfill what God was calling them to do. They were thrilled to receive this timely council! 

The next morning, Ap. Kelly spoke to over 17,000 in one of Aqua Viva’s main services and I was very happy to speak in one of the branch services in the city (they have several throughout Lima). See more at

It seemed like we just arrived when we had to board the plane back to Dallas that night after a fully packed few days. We are confident that the Holy Spirit had accomplished much with everyone and look forward to seeing our friends again soon.  

Mike Bolton is a member of the Canada Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, an ICAL International Ambassador and a business consultant. He travels with and assists both Apostles John Kelly and Mel Mullen throughout the year for both ministry and business meetings.